lundi 28 mars 2016

Making predictions about how the world could be in the future is an almost universally enjoyed activity, but except all the fantastic and optimists projects that we can imagine, like new virtual video games where we can materialize our mind or other insane projects, the world started to take seriously this idea, but after a lot of researches, people discovered that they mustn’t be that optimistic, so in this article, I will present 4 things that can happen and help humanity or end it in 2030.
1- In the near future, scientists imagine that electric cars will reach the levels of adoption that environmentalists are hoping for. Some lawmakers are starting to step in to engineer this shift.
2- Doctors and scientist are working hard to find a way to eradicate almost all diseases in the world, like the malaria and other diseases.

Now, we will pass to what will end the humanity:
1- Many people are afraid from this technological advance, they think, that one day, an artificial intelligence will take the total control of herself and therefore control the humanity through a computer system.
2- There are several theories saying that a nuclear world war is about to be launched, which will eradicate the humans and almost all life on earth, and it will the third world war and probably the last because there would be no more human to do it for a fourth time.

And you what do you think about this, I’m so curious to know it, so do not hesitate to send me your opinion by mail.