mercredi 28 septembre 2016

                  My beautiful city: Tangier

Hello, my name is Alae Khidour, I’m 15 years old and I study at Groupe Scolaire Le Détroit in Tangier. To start, I’m a very passive person, I keep my calm in all situations, even if it’s a very bad situation for me or for the others, I still can laugh and take it easily. I think that it’s the best thing ever, but other people, especially my friends think that it’s the worst witticism ever. My favorite activities are basketball, playing video games (league of legends), learning about data processing and reading mangas and watching Japan Animes. I can speak Arabic, French, English and a little bit Spanish. I really want to travel to Japan and USA, and why not, meet you.

This is Perdicaris' forest
This is Perdicaris' Home

And this is one of the Medina's streets

Tangier is situated in the northwestern region of Morocco, it’s characterized by her location, indeed, Tangier has got a view on two seas: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this fact, Tangier receive a lot of tourists every year. In my free time, I love visiting our cornice or our famous forest called Perdicaris (pictures below). There is also our Medina (picture below too) and it’s is really awesome. But if I could change something in my city, I would build a center for all what is related to data processing and video games, I think that it will be SUPER!!